Two years after the GCPF became operational, the Fund has a well diversified portfolio with a total size of USD 153m. GCPF operates fully profitably and is able to pay the full target returns to all investors and even complimentary dividends to mezzanine and senior tranche investors.

More importantly in terms of climate change, however, our partner institutions scaled up their on-lending activities and started to generate significant CO2 savings. The mix of different institutions we have provides a bright range of activities which we further portrayed in this report and allow for interesting insights into the different banking business models embarking on green lending.

Thanks to the excellent achievements in 2012, we also recorded a strong investor appetite from both the public and private sector. We are very proud that, already in 2012, a private sector investor allocated USD 30 m to the GCPF, thus being ahead of the curve with regards to sustainable investments combating climate change in emerging and developing countries. In addition, we expect further new investors to support the growth of the GCPF throughout 2013.

The leverage of public money through private investments was a key priority of the Global Climate Partnership Fund and therefore adding a private investment marks a milestone in the development of the Fund. We also increased our presence in our target markets, participating in conferences and engaging in dialogues with leading institutions to raise awareness of what GCPF is aiming to do and is already accomplishing.