GCPF’s key achievements in 2015 include:

  • A USD 56 million increase in the invested volume, corresponding to growth of 24% year on year
  • Addition of new active partners to the portfolio, diversifying GCPF’s cooperation with local financial institutions
  • Expansion of GCPF’s geographical reach to include new investment countries such as Costa Rica
  • A 1.3 million increase in projected CO2 t emission reductions from projects financed to date – a 41% increase from the previous year, bringing the total to 4.4 million CO2 t.
  • Approval of 16 new Technical Assistance projects during the year, with a focus on building capacity for green lending in financial institutions

To find out more about the impact of this unique fund in combating climate change and about the benefits for investors, you can access the Annual Report here. The publication, which also features a series of attractive images and graphic elements, is a compelling read.