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CME Solar secures USD 20 million investment from responsAbility climate funds

Ho Chi Minh City / Zurich 22nd August, 2023 — Vietnam-based solar power developer, CME Solar Investments (CME Solar), has secured USD 20 million from responsAbility’s climate funds out of which USD 12.8 million is long-term senior secured financing from the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), managed by responsibility Investments AG.


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GCPF and FMO invest USD 20 million in Starsight Premier Energy Finance for East Africa Solar Projects

Nairobi/The Hague/Zürich, 17 July 2023 : The Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), managed by responsibility Investments AG, and the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO are investing USD 10 million each in renewable energy company Starsight Premier Energy Finance (SPEF). The two investments will support commercial and industrial solar projects in East Africa and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

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Finanzauto secures USD 20 million senior loan from the Global Climate Partnership Fund

Transitioning Colombia toward e-mobility

Zurich March 31, 2023, the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), managed by responsAbility Investments AG, closed a USD 20 million senior secured loan with Finanzauto S.A, Colombia’s leading non-banking financial institution in the car lending sector. The deal used IBR, a local currency floating interest rate benchmark, and was executed in collaboration with TCX Fund, mitigating the FX risk that Finanzauto faces. This is particularly important in Colombia given the sharp depreciation of the Colombian peso vis-à-vis the US Dollar. The loan will support the company’s transition to an energy efficient fleet by financing hybrid and electric vehicles, contributing to Colombia’s GHG emissions reductions in the transport sector.

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GCPF raises additional USD 15m in Junior Shares

Zurich - In late December 2022 GCPF, managed by responsAbility, received a USD 15m investment in junior shares from BMWK - The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to finance projects that reduce carbon emissions in developing economies. With this investment, BMWK increased its commitment to roughly USD 95m.

Junior shares represent the ‘first loss tranche’ of GCPF; any losses experienced by the fund are deducted from the first loss tranche, effectively reducing the risk of investment for other investors.

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Catalyzing the transition to clean energy in Asia

Zurich, 23 November 2022 — The Global Climate Partnership Fund (“GCPF”), for which  responsAbility Investments AG acts as investment manager, along with Asian Development Bank (ADB) as mandated lead arranger, Export Finance Australia, the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation and Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG, have provided long-term debt financing amounting to USD 135 million to VinFast Trading and Production Joint Stock Company (VinFast) for manufacturing the first e-bus fleet and electric vehicle (EV) charging station network in Vietnam.

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GCPF catalyzes first grid-connected solar assets in Botswana

Zürich, August 2022 – The Global Climate Partnership Fund (“GCPF”), managed by responsAbility Investments, has provided long-term debt financing to the first grid-connected solar PV projects in Botswana. The equity provider is the developer Sturdee Energy (“Sturdee”), an independent power producer focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. The projects, Bobonong (3MW) and Shakawe (1MW), have power purchase agreements (PPAs) with the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), the state-owned utility for 25 years. The signing of these PPA’s marks a major milestone in Botswana’s clean energy commitments -  targeting the reduction of its carbon emissions and reducing its reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity.

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Creating sustainable growth through investing in green energy

Norsk Solar secures project financing for 11 megawatt solar rooftop project in Vietnam

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The Fund’s first impact report provides insights on how GCPF works with its’ partners. You will read:

- what partners say about GCPF

- about established partnerships with like-minded institutions across the globe

- how in-house expert teams develop green partnerships

- how the Technical Assistance Facility enables doing green lending responsibly

- what impact was created to date

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Investing in green energy to enable more sustainable economic development in Vietnam

Renewable Energy developer Athena raises USD 14 Million from Global Climate Partnership Fund and another responsAbility managed climate fund