A great contribution towards our goal of becoming 100% climate-neutral

As we celebrate the Global Climate Partnership Fund’s 10th anniversary, we are featuring personalities who brought this Fund into being and have shaped it over the past decade. Here is Willem Tielenius Kruythoff, portfolio manager at Dutch ASN Bank, on how their investment in the Fund contributes to mitigating climate change on a global scale.

Willem Tielenius Kruythoff is Portfolio Manager at Dutch ASN Bank and Integral Process Manager at ASN Bank’s parent company, de Volksbank (dVB), responsible for dVB’s sustainable investment portfolios. Having succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint of dVB’s EUR 61 bn portfolio by 37%, Willem’s main aim now is to ensure that by 2030, all of ASN Bank’s assets under management make a positive contribution to the climate. His focus points are increased investments in sustainable energy production, improved energy efficiency for houses and natural carbon sequestration. ASN Bank’s investment in the GCPF is part of this effort.

Why did ASN invest in GCPF?

Our investment in GCPF contributes to mitigating climate change on a global scale while also bringing us into partnership with responsAbility. With teams on the ground where they are most needed, responsAbility knows how to invest into a diversified portfolio to mitigate default risk while at the same time ensuring that our savings achieve the right balance of impact, risk and return.

How does GCPF contribute to your strategy for decarbonization?

The energy loans disbursed via the Global Climate Partnership Fund to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are a great contribution towards our goal of making all of de Volksbank’s EUR 61 bn of assets 100% climate neutral by 2030.


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