Antoine Prédour heads the GCPF team at the fund’s investment manager responsAbility. While the official figures for the business year 2018 are yet to be disclosed, he shares a glimpse at the fund’s most exciting achievements.

“I am very proud that the amount of CO2 emissions that will be reduced by the Fund has increased by 25%.”

Antoine Prédour, Head of GCPF at responsAbility

12.8 m t of CO2 emission reduction

At the end of 2018, projects financed by GCPF had contributed 12.8 m t of CO2 savings over their lifetime, a 25% increase since 2017

74,200 sub-loans disbursed

Since inception, partner institutions have disbursed a cumulative amount of USD 599 million through more than 74,200 sub-loans, an increase of 28% over the year 2017

USD 500 m invested

The Fund passed the USD 500 million threshold for the invested portfolio ending. On the funding side, commitments increased to a total of USD 667 m.

Broader network

7 new partner institutions and 3 new countries were added to the portfolio which now includes 34 counterparties in 25 markets

Loans in local currencies

Responding to partner institutions’ demand, the fund for the first time disbursed loans in currencies other than USD: EUR, PEN, UGX and INR – all of them hedged transactions

Record year for Technical Assistance

Through 52 new projects, GCPF continued to develop and strengthen relationships with new and current partner institutions

“Having built a strong pipeline in 2018, the GCPF team is now working full speed to turn them into impactful investments that generate attractive returns.”

Antoine Prédour, Head of GCPF at responsAbility

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