Global Climate Partnership Fund provides funding to Banco Atlántida in Honduras

The Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF) has signed an agreement with Honduran Banco Atlántida for a USD 15 m green financing facility with a tenor of eight years.

The credit facility is aimed at long-term financing of renewable energy projects supporting Honduras in increasing its share in clean energy production.

Atlántida is one of the largest banks in Honduras and has a long-standing track record in providing financing for renewable energy installations. The main focus of their green financing activities is on hydro and biomass installations, all of them significantly contributing to Honduras electricity supply.

While Honduras today has a total electricity generation capacity of around 1.700 MW, 56% of the countries’ electricity production is based on heavy fuel oil and 33% from diesel generators while 38 % of the country’s electricity production is generated from renewable sources.

Guillermo Bueso Anduray, CEO of Banco Atlántida: “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the Global Climate Partnership Fund. The credit line they have provided us with, will enhance our capacities in targeting additional sustainable energy projects as a contribution to the country´s efforts in creating a more favorable energy matrix.”

Monika Beck, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of GCPF said: “As Banco Atlántida enjoys a position as market leader and has an extensive outreach in renewable energy financing, this partnership is an important step forward in promoting sustainable energy in Honduras.”

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