On 20 July, City Bank Bangladesh, in association with the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), hosted a green event titled “Green Champion Recognition Ceremony” at its head office. The aim of the event was to recognize the outstanding contribution of customers to the mitigation of climate change. During the event the partners certified sixteen customers who have achieved energy efficiency in their businesses.

City Bank first started green financing from 2012 and has since been promoting the concept of energy efficient financing and renewable energy financing in the Bangladeshi market. As of now, the Bank has provided green loans amounting to some USD 44 m, invested in various sectors like ready-made garments and textiles, pharmaceuticals, auto rice mills, auto bricks, renewable energy and agriculture.

Capitalizing on these green loans, customers have been able to save a significant amount of energy in their businesses. Leveraging the bank’s experience, City Bank actively advises customers regarding available and appropriate technologies, thereby enabling them to reduce operational costs through increased energy efficiency.

“Small initiatives can provide big benefits for the environment.”

Antoine Prédour

The “Green Champion Recognition Ceremony”, the first of its kind, served two distinct purposes, according to Antoine Prédour, Head of GCPF at the Fund’s investment manager responsAbility Investments. He underlined: “City Bank and GCPF have organized this event not only to recognize the individual contributions of its customers, but also to create awareness and enthusiasm into the industry about greener ways to do business and realize how small initiatives can do bigger benefits for the environment.”

“The event serves to recognize individual contributions of City Bank’s customers, but also to create awareness and enthusiasm about greener ways to do business.”

Antoine Prédour

Held at City Bank’s head office, the event brought together clients such as ready-made garment and textile manufacturers; leading bank representatives including Managing Director and CEO Sohail R. K. Hussain, Rathin Kumar Paul, Deputy General Manager, Sustainable Finance Department and Sheikh Mohammad Maroof, DMD & Head of Wholesale Banking; and, representing GCPF, Antoine Prédour, Head of GCPF at the Fund’s investment manager responsAbility Investments, as well as Sathish Dhanapal, Energy Specialist – GCPF.

A total of 16 manufacturing clients, primarily from the agri-industry, ready-to-wear and textile sectors, were awarded “Green Champion” status for having reduced their total yearly CO2 emissions by 27,000 tonnes.

Speaking on behalf of City Bank, Managing Director and CEO Sohail R. K. Hussain declared: “Green loans, while increasing the sustainability of customers’ businesses, have also contributed to the quality of the bank’s loan portfolio while helping City Bank Bangladesh establish a reputation as the leading ‘green financier’ in the market.”

City Bank Managing Director and CEO Sohail R.K. Hussain accepts the Global Climate Partnership Award for efforts in the area of mitigating climate change through green lending earlier this year in Zurich


In his welcome speech which inaugurated the ceremony, R. K. Hussain underlined: “City Bank is highly committed towards environment friendly lending and we will continue to appreciate such green initiatives of our customers. We intend to specialize in green related solutions and I can confirm this is only the beginning.”

“We intend to specialize in green solutions. This is only the beginning.”

R. K. Hussain

The City Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Founded: 1983
Branches: 120 (including 99 online branches)
ATMs: 311 (+1150 via partners)
Awards: FinanceAsia 2018: Best Bank in Bangladesh, Best Investment Bank in Bangladesh;
  Global Climate Partnership Award: Winner 2018
GCPF partner since: 2012
Green loans: USD 44 m
Green lending client types: Food and textile manufacturers
CO2 emissions saved: 27,000 tonnes

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