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We unite public and private investors
to fight climate change

Our model of blended finance uses public funding to mobilize private capital to areas where funding has been scarce in the past.

Private Investors

Our private investors, including pension funds and insurance companies, benefit from:

  • A unique opportunity to invest in climate mitigation solutions in developing countries
  • Stable returns from a well-diversified portfolio
  • A floating interest rate with semi-annual interest payments
  • A first-loss risk cushion provided by more junior share classes

Public Investors

Our public and quasi-public investors include governments and development finance institutions. These investors benefit from: :

  • A unique opportunity to drive investments in climate mitigation solutions in developing countries via a financially sustainable vehicle
  • Investments in carefully selected and monitored projects
  • Multiplied impact, because each US Dollar invested as capital is reused several times
  • Funding that is leveraged by attracting private sector funding

Governance and Team

We have clear governance structures in place, underscoring our commitment to transparency and accountability. Governance bodies drive our strategy and ensure that we do things right, while the Investment Manager’s Team is responsible for making it all happen on the ground.


The capacity building activities that we carry out with our partners are largely funded by donors to our Technical Assistance Facility.