Showcasing the power and potential of climate finance

One week of peer-learning – green financing insight and impact

In early October, a like-minded group from 38 financial institutions in 24 countries attended the GCPF Academy for a week-long program of workshops, case study presentations and site visits aimed at showcasing the power and potential of Climate Finance.

Participants discussed benefits of building and scaling their green portfolios, managing reporting challenges, and communicating sustainability. Many of the sessions were led by representatives from GCPF partner institutions who were able to share their challenges and innovations with their peers.

By the end of the week, the feeling of fellowship was tangible amongst participants, and many left inspired by new business ideas and with an expanded international network of peers to exchange with for the future.

The GCPF Academy is just one component of the technical assistance (TA) facility offered by GCPF to partner institutions. Thanks to the financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), the UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Fund to the TA Facility, such peer learning events, and other advisory support can be made available to partner institutions. Also, the direct and indirect CO2 emissions resulting from this event, including emissions from air travel, have been accounted for and voluntarily offset from carbon credits issued by a forest protection project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dedication of partner institutions to advancing climate finance                                   

“The 2022 GCPF Academy was the third in-person academy we have hosted since the fund’s inception. Since the first Academy we have doubled the number of institutions participating in such an event. While during the first edition of the Academy discussions centred around the business case of green lending, I am happy to talk today about how to mainstream carbon considerations at a portfolio level. What remains a constant is the interactive nature of the workshop sessions. I feel humbled to work with so many motivated and dedicated people from around the world who care to promote climate finance.” –  Eva Tschannen, Head Technical Assistance at responsAbility

Partnership as a core value

“Our partner financial institutions face various challenges in their respective geographies, including generating innovative ideas for green lending adapted to their client & market segments, building and executing green project pipelines, and implementing key processes like environmental and social management and reporting on green loans. The Academy, GCPF’s flagship event, provides a forum for partners to share their ideas and experiences and, together, learn how to overcome such challenges. It also underscores how central the concept of “Partnership” is to the Fund’s culture.” – David Diaz Formidoni, Head of FI Investments at responsAbility

Understanding how to start with green lending

Kalyan Bikram, Nepal Global IME

Because green lending and climate finance are so new for us, we need support and guidance from those who are already in it. The case studies that were discussed are very interesting because we can replicate a model that has been tested and proven. If it has been successful in India and Bangladesh, it has to be successful in Nepal. We had already decided to focus on climate finance and not only with words but action. We need to take care of the basics: set up the team, policies and procedures, and build in-house capabilities.

Connecting with network of green lending practitioners to build green loan book

Lucy Kiai, Letshego, Kenya

You have people from Latin America, Asia and Africa, all eager to build sustainable businesses and learn from each other. You don’t usually see that level of collaboration, especially at senior levels, so it tells you the conversation will continue. The level of detail was also very surprising, and I can go home and plug it into my strategy. We talked about product development, ROI, the cost of funds, successful implementation. The passion for green is there. The execution is a bit difficult because our expertise isn’t there. This forum helped to bridge that gap. And if I’m stuck, I know a subject-matter expert I can quickly ask.

Collecting ideas on how to train colleagues on green topics to scale climate impacts

Suvd Baasandorj, Khanbank, Mongolia

Our bank started lending to environmental protection projects back in 2006, which was the start of our green finance journey, and today sustainability is one of our core values. We are in the direction of fully integrating ESG into the bank’s strategy and operations and committed to increase the share of green portfolio to 10% of the total loan portfolio. This week was inspiring and well-organized, also gave me ideas on how to train our employees on the topic.

    Oct 25, 2023

    GCPF expands its climate positive lending to Nepal, with a focus on electric mobility

    Global IME Bank Limited and GCPF signed a USD 25m loan agreement to promote climate positive lending in Nepal.

    Sep 19, 2023

    CME Solar secures USD 12.8 million investment from GCPF

    Vietnam-based solar power developer, CME Solar Investments (CME Solar), has secured financing to improve commercial and industrial (C&I) solar initiatives.

    Aug 28, 2023

    Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. wins the 2023 Global Climate Partnership Award

    Our Bangladeshi partner wins for their pioneering electric mobility financing concept for smallholder farmers.