“Our conviction to develop impactful products is not limited to renewables or energy efficiency.

–Michelle Espinach, Sustainable Bank Manager


Pioneering the role banks play in solar

Banco Promerica Costa Rica paved the way for green lending by financing solar panels for the past ten years, growing from pioneer to market leader.

When the green lending concept was starting to evolve in Costa Rica, there was only a small number of green borrowers in the market. These customers are now large companies, contributing to the strength of the bank’s current portfolio and proving that tedious efforts for small loans amount to a high environmental, social and economic impact.

Going forward, the bank’s objectives have moved beyond green banking to transitioning their whole portfolio to net zero by 2050.

Following and acting on global mega trends not only has an environmental and societal impact but means good business.

 –Michelle Espinach, Sustainable Bank Manager