Today, green lending is one of the strategic guidelines of the Board of Directors.

Tran Ngoc Tam, CEO


Building a green strategy on Vietnam’s regulatory changes

Given Vietnam’s recent challenges with elevated pollution levels and electricity shortages, the government is pushing for green banking development.

At the onset of its green lending journey, Nam A Bank focused on energy efficient household appliances. As Vietnam had a new labeling requirement, it was easy to identify appliances that consume 20% less energy compared to the market average. This led to an increased demand by consumers as the low power consumption reduced daily cost of living.

Now, Nam A Bank is pursuing opportunities in the electric vehicle market, energy-efficient technologies for garment factories, and large-scale renewable energy projects. The goal is to become one of the leading green banks in Vietnam.

We actively assist our customers in meeting financial goals while achieving climate benefits.

Tran Ngoc Tam, CEO