We understood the utmost importance of Sustainable Financing for our emerging economy and the society as a whole.

Gigi Gabunia, CCO


Greening Georgia’s hotels and residential buildings

BasisBank is among the first banks to pilot green lending in Georgia. While still young in its journey, the bank has found a way to gradually incorporate green lending into its existing business model and structures.

Intially, client demand was virtually nonexistent, as short-term costs weighed heavily on loan decisions. BasisBank managed to incorporate energy efficiency criteria in a government-financed program, incentivising construction companies in green lending, as long-term energy and cost savings are a key driver for investment choices.

Now, green lending amounts to around 10% of their portfolio. Acknowledging that it will become even more important in the near future, BasisBank continues to upskill staff to be ready to tap into new market opportunities.

Our approach is to generate not only profit, but social and environmental benefits.

Gigi Gabunia, CCO