In pursuing a comprehensive ESG strategy, we realized that it simply did not make sense to finance certain fossil fuel projects anymore.

César Cañedo Arguelles, CEO


Pushing the boundaries of clean energy financing

A pioneer of clean energy finance in the Latin America & CaribbeanRegion, CIFI’s commitment to sustainability has evolved into an intrinsic part of its business model.

CIFI realized early on that proper assessment and mitigation of ESG risks was critical to a project’s performance – and, in turn, to CIFI’s bottom line. Setting  up an independent ESG department reporting directly to the CEO anchored sustainability at the highest level, and influences everything from day-to-day operations to long-term strategy.

Currently, over 50% of CIFI’s portfolio is dedicated to renewable energy. Going forward, the company aims to further decarbonize its lending footprint by pushing beyond renewable energy and energy efficiency – exploring new sectors such as alternative fuels, green cities, and electric vehicle infrastructure.