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m tonnes of projected CO2 emission
reductions from projects financed to date


percent average COemission
reductions of projects


M USD committed capital
from investors

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Green Lending in Latin America

Getting onboard for decarbonizing lending at scale

Founded in 2001, CIFI (the Corporación Interamericana para el Financiamiento de Infraestructura) was the first entity dedicated to providing debt financing, structuring and advisory services to small- and medium-sized infrastructure and energy projects across Latin America & the Caribbean. Approximately half of its portfolio was invested in renewable energy across a variety of technologies, including solar PV, hydropower, wind, and biomass.

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GCPF catalyzes first grid-connected solar assets in Botswana

Zürich, August 2022 – The Global Climate Partnership Fund (“GCPF”), managed by responsAbility Investments, has provided long-term debt financing to the first grid-connected solar PV projects in Botswana. The equity provider is the developer Sturdee Energy (“Sturdee”), an independent power producer focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. The projects, Bobonong (3MW) and Shakawe (1MW), have power purchase agreements (PPAs) with the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), the state-owned utility for 25 years. The signing of these PPA’s marks a major milestone in Botswana’s clean energy commitments -  targeting the reduction of its carbon emissions and reducing its reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity.

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Driving Green Lending in Sub-Saharan Africa

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

When the top management at Letshego Holdings Limited, a regulated and publicly listed NBFI headquartered in Botswana, committed to incorporating green lending into their strategy, they did it not only for the climate, but also because they could see that it was a savvy move to ensure long-term growth and enhance product differentiation. This was a classic win-win by any definition. But they didn’t have any prior experience in the field, which is why they started working with responsAbility’s climate team to guarantee successful onboarding, early-stage buy-in within the organization, and eventual fund utilization. So while they currently provide retail financial services in 11 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, they decided to focus the investment from responsAbility’s climate fund on Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria, with the aim to expand to the other markets over time.

About GCPF

As an innovative impact investing fund, GCPF provides energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in order to mitigate climate change and drive sustainable growth in developing and emerging markets. The fund mainly invests through local financial institutions but also directly.