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CME Solar secures USD 20 million investment from responsAbility climate funds

Ho Chi Minh City / Zurich 22nd August, 2023 — Vietnam-based solar power developer, CME Solar Investments (CME Solar), has secured USD 20 million from responsAbility’s climate funds out of which USD 12.8 million is long-term senior secured financing from the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), managed by responsibility Investments AG.


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Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. wins the 2023 Global Climate Partnership Award

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. wins for their pioneering electric mobility financing concept for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. (MTB), a private commercial bank in Bangladesh, was selected as the 2023 Global Climate Partnership Award winner. Chosen from a pool of 14 innovative applications by a jury of external experts, MTB stood out with its innovative idea of bridging the gap between smallholder farmers in Bangladesh and cost-effective electric vehicle (EV) solutions through accessible finance. Beyond its climate benefits, MTB seeks to establish an inclusive financial ecosystem that will significantly enhance the farmers' quality of life.

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GCPF accelerates India's climate progress with USD 80 million in new loan agreements

Zurich August 16, 2023 GCPF is propelling India's climate transformation through strategic investments with four prominent financial institutions (FIs), amounting to a total of USD 80 million in new loan agreements signed in June 2023. The Fund’s robust engagement in India is intended to boost the country’s climate change mitigation capabilities, which is critical given India's dual role as one of the world's most rapidly advancing economies and a major contributor to global CO2 emissions. The pursuit of climate-positive investments within this context carries far-reaching implications for the global community. 

About GCPF

As an innovative impact investing fund, GCPF provides energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in order to mitigate climate change and drive sustainable growth in developing and emerging markets. The fund mainly invests through local financial institutions but also directly.